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Are any of your cakes Gluten Free?

Unfortunately our Mr Kipling range is not currently suitable for coeliac sufferers.

Are your cakes vegetarian or vegan?

As a responsible manufacturer, we will only confirm if a product is suitable for vegans when we are happy that we can make the claim and it is supported with the relevant data. If our products are suitable for vegetarians or vegans it will say on the pack. However, if you have a specific query about a product please contact us using the form in the Contact Us section of this site.

Is Mr Kipling suitable for a nut allergy sufferer?

Mr Kipling produces a range of products which include nuts as part of their ingredients, namely our Cherry Bakewells, and some occasional ‘seasonal’ products.

We also include a "May contain nuts" statement on our wider range of Mr. Kipling cake products as we cannot guarantee the absence of nuts owing to our product range and manufacturing methods.

This advice covers almonds and walnuts which we use as ingredients in other Mr Kipling products. Whilst we strictly control their use and segregation within our bakeries, we still believe it appropriate to communicate the use of these nuts to our consumers.

Is Mr Kipling suitable for a peanut allergy sufferer?

We can confirm that our Mr Kipling cakes are produced at bakeries that do not handle peanuts.

Where can I find nutrition information for a certain cake?

Nutritional information can be found on all our packaging in both a per 100g and per portion format. You can also find nutritional information by selecting specific products from the "Range" menu on this website.

Why dont you use years on Best Before dates?

As our cakes have a short shelf life (less than a year!) to make sure they are always deliciously good we only show day and month. 

What eggs do you use in your cakes?

We made the decision in 2015 to transition from free range to barn eggs so that we could continue providing good value for money for our customers. In making this decision, it was important to us that we maintained welfare standards above those held by our major competitors. As such, we remain consistent with our commitment to Compassion in World Farming to use only cage-free eggs. 

All of the egg ingredients we buy are certified to meet the barn egg standards set by the Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry, one of the leading European certification bodies for alternative hen rearing systems.

These standards are broad ranging and ensure for example that hens are able to use the entire henhouse at all times, nests are always available, there is sizeable scratching and perch areas, as well as plenty of natural light and only natural materials are used inside the hen housing. We also require that our suppliers do not use harmful welfare practices. 

We understand and accept that some consumers would prefer the use of free range eggs and so we do always keep this under review, whilst maintaining our great value products and commitment to cage-free eggs.

Where can I find Mr Kipling cakes?

Our range of pies, cakes, slices and tarts can be found in major supermarkets, but if you can't find your favourite product then give our customer careline a ring on Aus: 1300 590 370 or NZ: 0800 758 931 (between 9.00am - 7.00pm AEST Mon-Fri) or contact us using the form in the Contact Us section of this site. 

Do your cakes contain palm oil?

We are pleased to confirm that the limited quantities of palm oil we buy is all from certified sustainable sources that avoid damaging the tropical rainforest and biodiversity of South East Asia. This is assured through meeting standards set by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and through independent certification of our manufacturing facilities.

How do I work for Mr Kipling?

So you want to be a cake maker? All our jobs are advertised here.

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