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Balanced Snacking


The secret to living a healthy and happy life is to eat well every day and stay active. Eating well means you have meals during the day that contains a good balance of important nutrients as this can allow you to fit in a sweet treat now and then without impacting your health.

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The Eat for Health factsheet is the Government’s way of helping you get the balance in your diet just right. It shows you the types of foods you should eat lots of, and those (like our cakes, pies and tarts) you should enjoy as a treat or small snack.

Eat for health factsheet


We love chatting to the people who love our cakes. And it’s especially interesting to hear about their snacking habits. It might sound familiar to you, but most people snack because they want an energy boost or a rewarding treat.

And while having a little something sweet every now and then is okay, it’s important to be smart about the portion.

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Finding out exactly what’s in each and every one of Mr Kipling’s treats is a piece of cake. We use the Australian Government's recommended nutrition labelling format to help you make more informed choices. That means every pack has a label which allows you to check, compare and choose the right snack or treat for your family. Overall, the things you want to watch out for when you’re choosing a snack are:


  • Energy (measured in kJ)
  • Fat (measured in grams)
  • Saturated fat (measured in grams)
  • Sugar (measured in grams)
  • Sodium (Salt) (measured in milligrams)



Eat for health nutrition labels

It's best to pick a 'discretionary food' snack that has no more than 600kJ. And to try and incorporate a piece of fruit with it too.

Since our snack pack slices are individually wrapped, it also helps you to eat just one. They are all less than 500kJ per slice!

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